The 2nd Floor Lobby of Strangetown Hotel is where the majority of guest rooms are located in The Sims 2. The elevator from here leads to the Main LobbyPenthouse and the Sun Deck.

Along with the Basement, it's one of two rooms in the hotel with no objects which can be interacted with. Despite being decorated, all of the objects are there for just that, and can't be used in order to raise sanity. Entrances to the guest rooms are located on each of the four walls. The entrance to the Small Guest Room is located to the right on the same wall as you exit the elevator, the Jungle Guest Room has golden doors on the right wall, the Deluxe Guest Room has fancy white doors with pillars either side opposite the elevator, and the Modern Guest Room's entrance is a brown modern style door located on the wall on the left.

It is one of the pre built rooms of the hotel, and therefore doesn't contribute anything towards your hotel score, however the rooms leading off of it give a combined bonus of 26% when constructed. It's also a place where sims can visit when wandering around Strangetown, like many other rooms of the hotel.

Guest roomsEdit

The 2nd Floor Lobby is the main lobby leading to guest rooms.

Room Cost Base value Theme Size rank
Small Guest Room §400 Generic 4
Deluxe Guest Room §1500 §800 Luxury 1
Jungle Guest Room §1000 §600 Wildlife 3
Modern Guest Room §1000 §700 Retro modern 2