Alien Autopsy is a minigame available to play in the Government Lab in The Sims 2. It can be played if your sim has a mummified alien in their inventory. They can be found by using the Metal Detector in the Desert.

It is one of the more difficult minigames and very risky, as if it goes wrong, the simoleons earned can decrease rapidly. For this reason, many players choose to just sell the mummified aliens at the Store, as the cash reward is acceptable anyway. There is a known glitch in the game where if the player has more than one alien in their inventory and attempts to play the Alien Autopsy, their game will freeze after that point whenever they click on the pockets tab.

How to playEdit

Alien organs bring top dollar! Find a mummified alien in the Desert and bring it back here for experimentation. Use the laser to carefully trace each organ so it can be removed and placed in the cooler. Remember, organs are fragile and only healthy specimens are worth big money. Watch out for alien parasites! Remove them with tweezers before they devour your precious commodity!

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