The Art Gallery is a room which can be built by the player in the Atrium of Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2. It is the heart of creativity and is usually the main room to find your first Creativity skill point.

It costs 1000 simoleons to build, making it the joint cheapest room in the Atrium along, with the Sax Lounge. There is no unique music in the Art Gallery, therefore Strange Day or Strange Night will play depending on the time of day. Depending on decision, the player must come up with the unique music in either the Sax Lounge or the Lion Lounge. When you've built the Art Gallery, it will boost your hotel score by 8%.

Additional informationEdit

In the Art Gallery, the Blank Canvases can be used to create paintings which if left there will be purchased over time by people in Strangetown. Or, the player can keep them and hang them up in their Manager's Suite or putting them in guest rooms. However, there is a consenquence for doing so: if the player wants to keep another painting, they must give up the other one in return. They can also sell them to the Store if they don't want it. Having a high creativity skill will help paintings to sell for more. It is one of the most profitable rooms to buy in the Atrium as paintings can simply be left there and as they're sold, money is made over time. The player can also trade paintings with other players in multiplayer mode.



The entrance to the Art Gallery.

The Art Gallery only contains Blank Canvases which are used for creating artwork on. This is the room's only use apart from improving the hotel score.

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