The Asian Emporium is a room which can be built by the player in the Atrium of Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2.

It costs 2500 simoleons to build, making it the most expensive to build in the Atrium along with the Spa & Gym. The Asian Emporium is run by Futo Maki. The restuarant serves a mixture of Asian food and drink. Building the Asian Emporium will boost your hotel score by 10%. Along with the Spa & Gym, this is the highest rewarding building in terms of hotel rating reward.

Additional informationEdit

Considering its cost, there's not much in the room, and only one unique object which is a varient of the Arcade Machine. Unlike some of the other rooms connected to the Atrium, there's no way in which to make money from any of the objects in the Asian Emporium. For this reason, it's not one of the most visited rooms in the hotel by players, however other sims will still go there as they will randomly travel to various rooms, regardless of what's inside. The door to the Asian Emporium is a sliding Asian inspired door, and there's a hanging sign above with sushi on it.



The entrance to the Asian Emporium.

As well as many of the other entertainment rooms in the Atrium, the Asian Emporium contains a unique item. Below is a list.

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