bed is an object in The Sims 2. Bed's are used by sims to increase their sanity when they become sleepy. There are two main types of bed available from the store; cheap beds and deluxe beds. The cheap beds cost §160 whereas the deluxe beds cost significantly more, at §400. Outside of the hotel, there's three beds in the town; the bed in City Hall, which belongs to Honest JacksonMamma Hogg's bed which is in the Saloon Rooms and Jeb's bed which is also in the Saloon Rooms. If there's no bed present for guests to use in their rooms, they will say their room seems to be missing a bed and they want one in there and threaten to leave, however they're more polite when they ask for it to be put back if it's stolen.


There are many different beds available to purchase in the game and found around town, and they're listed below.

Regular beds - §160Edit

  • Blue Oak Bed
  • Carmel Maple Bed
  • Burgundy Ebony Bed
  • Green Cedar Bed
  • Black Mahogany Bed

Deluxe beds - §400Edit

  • Maple Rouge Bed
  • Mahogany Night Bed
  • Cedar Skies Bed
  • Royal Ebony Bed
  • Forest Oak Bed

Unique bedsEdit

  • Satin Heart Bed (available from the Store in February)
  • Bed (City Hall)
  • Mama Hogg's Bed[1] (Saloon Rooms)
  • Jeb's Bed (Saloon Rooms)
  • Table (an object which is used like a bed in the Rat Cave)


  1. 1.0 1.1 The name of the bed is assumed to be an incorrect spelling of "Mamma Hogg" in-game.

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