• Cheatfreak47

    Afternoon everyone. I'm CheatFreak.

    I grew up playing The Sims 2 (DS) and I decided one day recently out of the blue to make Action Replay codes for it. In doing so, I developed a lot of skills, and took a lot of notes, particularly about how the game works internally. All of this work was done with the USA version of the game in the DeSmuMe Emulator, meaning all relevant addresses mentioned and discussed will be for that specific version of the game.

    However, region converting the codes isn't that hard and I've already done it for all of the codes I made, and those will be published on the Action Replay codes page sooner or later when I get around to formatting it correctly.

    This blogpost is rather technical in nature and it assumes you have at l…

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  • 2014ChevyGirl

    TS2: DS for Life

    October 31, 2015 by 2014ChevyGirl

    I've been playing The Sims 2 for DS ever since I was 11 in sixth grade. I worked on the game and even time-traveled just to see of what would happen. I learned from my mistakes after learning that the aliens invade in just about every area. That makes it hard because the motions are slower and there's danger everywhere, but good since you earn cash for helping out. I beat the game twice after a slow first, but the second time was only at least three months. Yet, I hope to keep playing it to see how fast I can complete the game.

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