In The Sims 2, the player has a cellphone, which can be used in various ways. The player's sim can use it to read messages the guests send him/her, to phone a friend, hire a maid, and to do a prank call. The player's sim can also change the ringtone of their phone.

If not started for a couple weeks, the Concierge will give a foul reminder about the fact that you are "abandoning" the hotel and no money is being made. Or, he will chew you out, asking where you've been, if the player's sim has been partying, and other things that prevent the manager from keeping Strangetown from being swallowed up by the desert itself. The message reads:

YOU'RE ALIVE! Thank heavens! We tought you'd been swallowed up by the desert! Or abducted by that foul Emperor Xizzle!

The Concierge may also call the sim which events took place on a certain weekday, but these are mostly just things that did not happen, and are only there for fun. He will also let you know about if guests checked out in certain moods, if they tipped, and/or asked to say Hello when the player hasn't played the game for that day.

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