chair is an object in The Sims 2. They can be used by sims in order to increase their sanity, but serve no other purpose in the game. There are chairs located at various locations in the hotel, and they're also available to purchase in the store at certain times. Chairs purchased from the store, like many other items of furniture, come in the 5 different varieties of wood; ebony, mahogany, oak, cedar and maple.

Other varietiesEdit


Other than the regular ones found in the store and Sax Lounge, there's also chairs located in the Main Lobby, which appear to be green lounge style chairs. These chairs are frequently used by potential guests waiting to be checked in, especially before or after they have purchased a brochure from the Brochure Rack.

There's also chairs in the Government Lab and Rat Cave with unique designs, images of which can be found below.