Concept Art is a tab on the main menu of The Sims 2 which allows the player to access unique illustrations of various game characters. Concept Art is not linked to the gameplay at all, but just acts as a bonus for players who have finished the game or maxed their relationships with other sims. You can unlock certain characters' Concept Art by learning secrets from other characters.

List of Concept ArtEdit

See also: Secrets

Below is a list of characters whose Concept Art is unlockable along with who's secret must be learned for it to unlock.

  • Grim Cowboy - Unlock by learning Giuseppi Mezzoalto's secret
  • Lord Mole - Unlock by learning Sancho Paco Panza's secret
  • Jebediah S. Jerky - Unlock by learning Misty Waters' secret
  • Kayleigh Wintercrest - Unlocked by learning Kayleigh Wintercrest's secret
  • Mamma Hogg - Unlock by learning Dusty Hogg's secret
  • Saloon Chick - Unlock by learning Kent Hackett's secret
  • Bigfoot - Unlocked by learning Tank Grunt's secret
  • Horus Menhoset IX - Unlock by learning Auda Sherif's secret
  • Crime Spree Bob - Unlock by learning Ara Fusilli's secret
  • Ghost - Unlock by learning Pepper Pete's secret
  • Emperor Xizzle - Unlock by learning Penelope Redd's secret
  • Rat Suit - Unlock by learning Luthor L. Bigbucks' secret


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