The Ghost is a character in The Sims 2. It can be found when the Cute Ghost Painting is placed in any room of the hotel. Once placed, the Ghost will emerge and help with social interactions. The Cute Ghost Painting is a rare item and can only be found in the store on specific days.

When he is in your hotel, occasionally guests will call you on your Cellphone and ask to be rescued from this ghost as a Goal. You can rescue them from the ghost by running into him with your Vacuum, although he usually respawns in the same room again anyway.

Occasionally, due to a bug in how the game updates the interact menu, the ghost will display a glitched social interaction on the bottom screen using unused text, as well as a "Give Gift" option. When this happens, attempting to do either will simply cause the bottom screen to lock up until you leave the current room.

Help Edit


When he spawns and you have a social interaction with someone, he will come to you and approve your decisions, lowering the opposing sim's bar.