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A goon is a type of sim who, with a group, will cause disruption in Strangetown in The Sims 2. There are two groups of goons, Jimmy the Neck and Crime Spree Bob's gangs. During their attacks, bands of goons will gather in either the Atrium, Basement, Town Square or on the Sun Deck.

When goons invade, they will often take a hotel guest hostage until you pay a fine to them at which point theyll leave, or you can defeat them as the Ratticator. They may also threaten to directly steal simoleons from you or some of the hotel's power source from the Nuclear Furnace. Jimmy the Neck arrives with his sidekicks Freddie the Face, Reginald the Wrist and Tommy the Toe, all of whom share physical appearance similarities. The same applies for Crime Spree Bob's gang which consists of him and his sidekicks Arson Andy, Larceny Larry and Vandal Randall.