Hotel score is one way of tracking progress in the game in The Sims 2. Hotel score can be improved by building new rooms around the hotel, as different rooms provide different score bonuses. Hotel score is measured in percent, however this percent only indicates how close you are to purchasing all of the rooms in the game. The Asian Emporium and Spa & Gym are the most beneficial to hotel rating, adding 10% each. Pre-built rooms do not contribute towards the hotel score.

Hotel rating isn't a very accurate way of tracking progress, as it is possible to achieve 100% by the beginning of Ava Cadavra's stay if all other rooms are built prior to constructing the Bovine Shrine, as all rooms would have then be built. The only real way of tracking progress accurately is to simply see how far you are along the main storyline and work out how close you are to the end. Your hotel score can be checked by going onto the goals tab or using the Stat Panel.

Hotel scores for each roomEdit

Below is a list showing (from most to least, and in alphabetical order for same scores) how much each room adds to your score in percent when built. It's unknown as to why there's not a more direct link between price of the room and the amount added onto the hotel score. However, the amount given per room could be depending on how much it will affect the guests' stay and how much use they will get out of it, for example the Deluxe Guest Room adds on 9% and costs only 1500 simoleons whereas The Vault costs double that and adds only 4%.

Room Construction cost Percent bonus Price per percent (PPP)[1] PPP ranking
Asian Emporium §2500 10% §250 5=
Spa & Gym §2500 10% §250 5=
Deluxe Guest Room §1500 9% §167 3
Art Gallery §1000 8% §125 1=
Jungle Guest Room §1000 8% §125 1=
Modern Guest Room §1000 8% §125 1=
Lion Lounge §1500 7% §214 4
Rat Cave §3500 7% §500 8=
Sax Lounge §1000 7% §143 2
Bovine Shrine §2500 6% §417 7
Government Lab §2000 6% §333 6
Snake-Eyes Casino §1500 6% §250 5=
Secret Warehouse §2000 4% §500 8=
The Vault §3000 4% §750 9
  1. This is worked out by dividing the cost to build the room by the percent number it adds to the hotel score. A lower number denotes that the room gives more for what you pay in hotel score.

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