Jimmy the Neck is a goon in The Sims 2. He will occasionally appear along with his sidekicks Reginald the Wrist, Tommy the Toe and Freddie the Face. Once in the hotel, they will generally hold a guest hostage and ask for money to release them.

Him and his friends form one of two goon gangs in the game, with the other being Crime Spree Bob and his gang.

He appears in the game mainly during Frankie Fusilli's stay in the Penthouse. He's also his second cousin. The first goal Frankie sets you is to give him 1000 simoleons so Jimmy the Neck can get a flight to Strangetown. Once there, you don't see him until The Vault is built. If you try to take more than 100 simoleons from the Palette of Money, he will appear and shoo you away. Later on in the storyline when Frankie asks you to bury the Wriggling Chest in the Desert at night he appears again. Whilst this goal is to be completed, if you go to the Desert in the daytime he will be there and shoo you away much like in The Vault. 

After Frankie Fusilli leaves the Penthouse, Jimmy will appear with his friends occasionally in the hotel to cause trouble. They can only be cleared by the Ratticator which is a costume/persona for your sim found in the Rat Cave.


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