Keelhaulin' is a minigame available to play in the Snake-Eyes Casino in The Sims 2. It can be played once the casino has been built, which happens as part of the introduction goals very early on in the game. It is a card game where the first player to reach 200 coins wins.

You will play against the Keelhaulin' dealer who is marked as the Opponent in-game. Playing doesn't cost anything, and you don't lose anything from losing, therefore it is worth having a go if you want some extra simoleons. The cash prizes are typically between §500 and §1500. It is one of two available card games in the Snake-Eyes Casino, the other being Moogoo Monkey which is unlocked through playing the game on 14 December.

How to playEdit

Firstly, draw a card. Draw from either the deck or the discard pile. If you find any bonus cards such as cannons or bottles of grog you can play them immediately. If you have 3 or more of the same pirate card, select all of them and drag them to the stairs. Any remaining cards of this pirate card are removed from the game and it's points are added to the Treasure Chest. Discard. When you discard your last card, you win the round and earn the points from the Treasure Chest. The first player to 200 points wins!

Special occurrencesEdit


Up to §3000 can be earned when double prizes are being played in the casino, however this is very rare and so is winning the highest amount. Your sim will be notified if there are double prizes in the Casino.

Occasionally, you will get a call from someone saying that they stacked the deck, which means that for the next hour or so when you play, your cards will nearly all match up to make sets, greatly improving your chances of winning. An ideal, but rare, situation is if there is double prizes and a stacked deck at the same time.

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