License Plates are one of the collectibles in The Sims 2. They are used for completing the collection. There are 24 to collect in total which appear every hour of the day in a different location. Your collection will be visible in the alcove in the Manager's Suite. License Plates can be sold to the Sheriff in Strangetown Jail.

Once a License Plate has been found, it can be sold right away to the Sheriff, as they serve no other purpose. Selling them doesn't affect your collection. However, they only sell for 10 simoleons, which is low considering that they're much rarer than other collectibles such as Nuclear Fuel Rods, which sell at four times the price.

Upon collecting 12 of the 24 License Plates, a new song, Combat Mode will unlock.

When you've collected all 24 of them, another new song, Razor Burn will become available.


Below is a list of where license plates are located throughout the day in various parts of Strangetown. Each plate can be found randomly, and more than once, before the next hour begins.

  • Midnight - Government Lab (on the metal grate platform)
  • 1am - Art Gallery (in between the two statues in the middle)
  • 2am - Atrium (in the centre to the left as you're coming from the Main Lobby)
  • 3am - Basement (next to the stairs leading to the Freezer and Rat Cave)
  • 4am - Snake-Eyes Casino (behind the Moogoo Monkey table on the left)
  • 5am - Town Square (next to the shed near the cow field)
  • 6am - City Hall (in Honest Jackson's office)
  • 7am - Bovine Shrine (in an alcove)
  • 8am - Deluxe Guest Room (by the fireplace)
  • 9am - Desert (in the centre, where missing and stolen objects appear)
  • 10am - Freezer (on the right side corner nearest the door)
  • 11am - Reactor Room (near the pallet to the left of the reactor)
  • Midday - Spa & Gym (behind the counter on the left of the door)
  • 1pm - Jungle Guest Room (to the left of the campfire)
  • 2pm - Lion Lounge (behind the Safari Chick in the bar)
  • 3pm - Modern Guest Room (by the kitchen area)
  • 4pm - Sun Deck (on the upper balcony on the other side to the elevator)
  • 5pm - Penthouse (on the top left corner of the balcony)
  • 6pm - Rat Cave (by the bedroom area)
  • 7pm - Saloon Rooms (in Jeb's bedroom)
  • 8pm - Sax Lounge (at the end of the bar)
  • 9pm - Secret Warehouse (by Zoltron)
  • 10pm - Asian Emporium (in the gap down the far side of the bar)
  • 11pm - The Vault (at the near right corner of the back section)