The Lion Lounge is a room which can be built by the player in the Atrium of Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2. It is one of the two lounges located in the hotel, the other being the Sax Lounge.

The Lion Lounge costs 1500 simoleons to build, but serves no purpose to the completion of the main story. It does however contain skillpoints to be collected and boosts the hotel rating. Along with the Sax Lounge, the player can record music here on the Music MixerBuilding the Lion Lounge will reward you with a bonus 7% added onto your hotel score, the same as the Sax Lounge.

Additional informationEdit

The Safari Chick works behind the bar in the Lion Lounge, and the default music is Dance Light. From the bar, there's a choice of three unique drinks; the Rumbling Tiger Smoothie, Lion's Pride Smoothie and Safari Delight Smoothie. You can also buy a choice of three snacks; French Fries, Nachos and Chocolate, however these snacks can also be bought elsewhere. Although the two rooms have no in-game canon link, the Jungle Guest Room is also jungle themed like the Lion Lounge, but this theme has no other recurring theme in the game.

Although it costs more than the Sax Lounge to build, it's actually smaller by floor area making it the third largest room leading off the Atrium. The door to the Lion Lounge is the first on the right as you enter the Atrium from the Main Lobby, and is coloured gold with a hanging sign with a picture of smoothies on it above.



The entrance to the Lion Lounge.

The Lion Lounge has the following features. Note that it has exactly the same features as the Sax Lounge, except the Sax Lounge has seating and doesn't have toilets. The lack of toilet facilities probably explains why it costs 500 simoleons less to build than the Lion Lounge.