This is a list of buildings in Strangetown in The Sims 2. There are five buildings in Strangetown, the biggest by far being the hotel.


Below is a list of buildings and some information on each. For more detailed information, see each main article. Note that characters indicates the immobile characters, if any, that are inside as a permanent role, e.g. behind a bar with no interactions apart from purchasing drinks.

Image Name Character(s) Number of rooms Percentage of rooms[1]
Hotel3 Strangetown Hotel Concierge
Safari Chick
Cannonball Coleman
Futo Maki
24 82.76
Store2 Store Johnny Smith 1 3.45
Saloon2 Mamma's Place Safari Chick 2 6.90
Cityhall2 City Hall Clerk 1 3.45
Jail Strangetown Jail Sheriff 1 3.45
  1. This is worked out by finding a percentage of all 29 rooms. Answer is rounded to 2 decimal places.

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