This is a list of objects by their location in The Sims 2. This only includes objects which are permanent fixtures in the room, or for guest rooms, the basic furniture which is there automatically. Locations with no objects aren't listed, and multiple items in one rooms is noted in the "multiple objects" column, but only one image of every different object is shown.

Strangetown HotelEdit

Below is a full list comprising all of the objects in certain rooms of the hotel. Those not listed don't include any objects, for the hotel this is the 2nd Floor Lobby and the Basement.

Room Objects Multiple objects
Art Gallery Blankcanvas Musicpanel 5 x Blank Canvas
Asian Emporium Arcadexraider Powderbluetoilet Porcelainsinkblue Musicpanel 3 x Powder Blue Toilet
3 x Porcelain Sink
Atrium Atriumbench 4 x Bench
Bovine Shrine Prime Heifer Egyptianstatue
Deluxe Guest Room Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Freezer Meat
Government Lab Alienautopsytable Labchair Musicpanel
Jungle Guest Room Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Lion Lounge Musicmixer Crimsontoilet Deluxeredsink Musicpanel 3 x Crimson Toilet
3 x Deluxe Red Sink
Main Lobby Brochurerack Lobbychair 3 x Chair
Manager's Suite Statpanel Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Modern Guest Room Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Penthouse Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Rat Cave Ratsuit Ratchair Table Blackshower Blacktoilet Porcelainsinkblack
Reactor Room Nuclearfurnace
Sax Lounge Musicmixer Ebonychair Musicpanel 3 x Chair
Secret Warehouse Zoltron Bubblewrapbench
Small Guest Room Bed Couch Fridge Shower Toilet Sink
Snake-Eyes Casino Slotmachine Keelaulincards Moogoo Musicpanel
Spa & Gym Treadmill Tanningbed Reddeluxeshower Deluxecrimsontoilet Deluxeredsink Musicpanel 4 x Treadmill
3 x Red Deluxe Shower
3 x Deluxe Crimson Toilet
3 x Deluxe Red Sink
Sun Deck Lawnchair 6 x Lawn Chair
The Vault Moneymakingmachine Paletteofmoney

Other locationsEdit

Below is a list of all locations outside of the hotel containg objects. Those with no objects aren't listed, for this section it is Strangetown Jail, the Town Square and the Desert.

Mamma's PlaceEdit

Room Objects Multiple objects
Saloon Xamsatellitestereo Arcadespacearmada
Saloon Rooms Jebsbed Mamahoggsbed Toiletsaloon Sinksaloon 3 x Toilet
2 x Sink

Other buildingsEdit

The following buildings have only one room inside them, so any objects inside the whole building are also located inside the only room.

Building Objects Multiple objects
City Hall Bedcityhall Benchcityhall Yellowtoilet Porcelainsinkyellow 2 x Bench
3 x Yellow Toilet
2 x Porcelain Sink
Store Lotterymachine

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