The Lottery Machine is an object located in the store where your sim can purchase scratch cards in The Sims 2. Tickets can be purchased for either §1, §5 or §10 with rewards ranging from 10 to 100 simoleons depending on the amount spent. In order to win, you must scratch 3 identital symbols from a choice of 8 boxes. Per game, you may scratch 5 boxes in total.

Scratch cardsEdit

Lottery (2)

The §10 scratch card, "The Emperor's Coffers".

There are three scratch cards (tickets) available to purchase, all for different prices. Depending on the one chosen, the reward along with the theme of it will differ, but the reward is 10 times the amount of the cost of the ticket. Below is a list with information on each.

  • §1 - "Cash Mummy", reward of §10
  • §5 - "Milking For Moo-lah", reward of §50
  • §10 - "The Emperor's Coffers", reward of §100