The Main Lobby of Strangetown Hotel is where guests check in and out and also serves as the main entrance to the hotel in The Sims 2.

The elevator in the Main Lobby leads to the 2nd Floor Lobby, the Penthouse and the Sun Deck. The only individual room to lead off the Main Lobby is the Manager's Suite. Other exits lead to the Town Square when leaving through the entrance, the Atrium and the Basement. The Main Lobby has a seating area along with a brochure rack. Also the main desk is here, where the Concierge can be found.

In terms of game progress, it is the first place the player will generally visit. Once there, a series of fuel rods will lead down to the basement's Reactor Room. After this, it becomes one of the central locations in the game especially when you become the manager of the hotel as it also connects you to the Manager's Suite. In addition, it's also where potential guests will arrive to be checked in and also where guests who are ready to leave will check out. Additionally, there is a small glitch to where when the player is running down the steps, they will run through the air until they touch the ground, very close to the main doors.