Mamma's Place is a saloon in Strangetown and one of the 5 buildings situated there in The Sims 2.

The bar is owned by Mamma Hogg and possibly her son Dusty. Jebediah S. Jerky also resides in the Saloon Rooms on the second floor, which may suggest he also partially owns it. The Saloon Chick works behind the bar, but cannot be interacted with other than to buy food and drink, and she doesn't move from that spot. From the saloon, there are six items available to buy. These are a Mystery Meat Burger, Special Saloon Dog, Sarsaparilla, Hot Chilli, French Fries and Nachos.


There are two main locations inside the saloon; the main area downstairs simply referred to as the Saloon, and the bedrooms and toilets upstairs called the Saloon Rooms.