The Manager's Suite is a room in Strangetown Hotel where the manager resides in The Sims 2. It is first introduced when Honest Jackson introduces your sim to after they receive a letter granting them ownership of the hotel.

Additional informationEdit

The Manager's Suite is the only room in the hotel that you can customise to your own tastes, as it isn't a guest room. It can be empty or have less than what is needed for a stable stay. It is also the closest location that your sim will go to if their sanity reaches zero from hunger, hygiene or thirst, whereas they will be apprehended at Strangetown Jail if it reaches zero from energy or bladder. They will then have to pay a fine of 200 simoleons or Mamma Hogg will if the manager doesn't have the funds.

The Stat Panel can be found inside the Manager's Suite and is the only object in there to be interacted with that can't be moved or picked up. Using the Stat Panel will give you an insight into your game statistics, from your hotel score to how many goons and aliens you've beaten.  Also, the character will unlock two outfits from two different guests (depending on gender) after getting a certain amount of artworks unlocked and then checking the status panel.

No guests can enter under any circumstances; the only sim to ever visit the room is Horus Menhoset when his sarcophagus is placed in the suite He remains there for about two goals before leaving and will interact with any object, except for the Stat Panel. Otherwise, Honest Jackson is the first sim to go in, only to introduce you to the room and suggesting you should get a shower before leaving shortly after.

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