The metal detector in use detecting a chest in the Desert.

The Metal Detector is a utility in The Sims 2. It costs 800 simoleons to buy from the Store and can be bought when Frankie Fusilli asks you to dig up three metal bars in the Desert during his goals.

The slider on the side of the detector can be used if the image showing is blurry, and you wish to see what you are going to dig up. This is there, as digging up a treasure drains a portion of the charge, so you may decide not to waste it digging up something cheap like a Lead Rock.


Below is a list of items which can be found with the Metal Detector, along with how much they are worth when sold. Note that the metal bars can be processed with the Money Making Machine in The Vault for more money than what they are worth when sold in the shop. Also, Mummified Aliens can be dissected by performing an Alien Autopsy in the Government Lab which can bring in more money than if they're directly sold in the store, depending how well you do.

  • Sarcophagus (goal only)
  • Lead Rock - §25
  • Nucelar Fuel Rod - §40
  • Copper Bar - §100
  • Alien Ship Part - §150
  • Silver Bar - §250
  • Mummified Alien - §345
  • Gold Bar - §1200
  • Treasure Chest - §6000 (random goal only)

Identifying treasuresEdit

By moving the slider up and down, a clear image of the buried treasure becomes available, however it can be difficult to tell them apart still, especially the metal bars.

  • Lead Rock - A clump of roughly circular rock
  • Nuclear Fuel Rod - A bright long thin strip, shaped like the ones found around town
  • Copper Bar - A bar of metal with a "✱" symbol on top of it
  • Alien Ship Part - An object shaped like some scrap metal, in a rougly triangular shape
  • Silver Bar - A bar of metal with an "E" on top
  • Mummified Alien - A thin alien body outline
  • Gold Bar - A bar of metal with a "101" on top
  • Treasure Chest - A box shaped like a pirate's chest

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