Moogoo Monkey is a minigame which is available to play at the Snake-Eyes Casino in The Sims 2. It is one of two card games available to play in the casino, the other being Keelhaulin'.

It revolves around you placing a bet on a monkey of one of six colours; orange, blue, yellow, blue, red or white. You may place one of your pieces of fruit per turn, and bet on a colour of monkey. Also each turn, you'll be able to select a card from your hand to place onto the table, and each card has a coloured monkey on it along with a number. Placing that card assigns that number to the monkey, however another player can place another card of the same colour with a lower or higher number to replace it. Once all monkeys have a card by them, the one with the lowest number is eliminated. There's three rounds, and the player with the most fruit at the end wins. Winning Moogoo Monkey holds no reward in simoleons like Keelhaulin', but just acts as a fun minigame to play. In addition, the dealer standing behind the table doesn't have any part in the game like in Keelhaulin' as instead, two random characters represent the two opponents.

How to playEdit


The following extract is the in-game instructions of Moogoo Monkey: "Which monkeys will survive? Bet coconuts and play a card. When all monkeys have a card beneath them, the monkey with the lowest card is eliminated! The game ends when 3 monkeys remain. The player with the most fruit wins." Although quite brief, there's not much more to the game. Apart from the coloured cards, there is a card which clears a monkey of cards, another which reduces a monkey's current number to 0, and another which randomizes all of the card numbers on the table.

Methods of unlockingEdit

Unlike Keelhaulin', Moogoo Monkey is only available to play after being unlocked in one of two ways. One way is to play The Sims 2 whilst the GBA version is in the slot whilst playing. Another way is to play the game on 14 December. With the first method, the GBA game only needs to be in for Moogoo Monkey to unlock; you will be able to play at any time after that even if the GBA game isn't inserted. Likewise, if the game is played on 14 December to unlock it, it will remain playable anytime after that date.

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