The Saloon Rooms consist of the bedrooms and toilets located on the 2nd floor of Mamma's Place in The Sims 2.

Inside, the player can find Mamma Hogg's bedroom, Jeb's bedroom, and some toilets, presumably for use by customers in the Saloon. It comprises one of two locations within Mamma's Place, with the other being the main bar area simply referred to as the Saloon.

In Mama Hogg's bedroom, you can see a picture of Auda Sherif, which could imply that she might be in love with him, although she has a strong crush on Tristan Legend. When you go to Jeb 's room, you find that his room has almost a garage-like appearance that resembles farms he owns. Near his bed is a calender with him wrapping his arm around the neck of one of his cows. In a corner, there's tires stacked and rims in another.

Also in Jeb's room, there's a small glitch, unknown whether it is there intentionally or by accident, but if you run behind the toolbox in one of the corners, your sim will sink into the floor into a black space. The only way to escape is to wait for one of your needs to empty your sanity at which point you'll be either transported to the Manager's Suite or Strangetown Jail.