The Sax Lounge is a room which can be built by the player in Strangetown Hotel's Atrium in The Sims 2. It is one of two lounges located in the hotel, the other being the Lion Lounge.

Construction will cost 1000 simoleons and is therefore joint cheapest room to build in the hotel along with the Art Gallery, Modern Guest Room and Jungle Guest Room. Although the room serves no purpose when completing the main storyline, skillpoints can be found here at various times. Along with the Lion Lounge, the player can record music here on the Music Mixer situated on the stage. Building the Sax Lounge will give your hotel score a 7% increase.

Additional informationEdit


The entrance to the Sax Lounge.

The Cannonball Coleman can be found behind the bar in the Sax Lounge. You cannot interact with him, only purchase food and drinks from him. The default music in the Sax Lounge is Techno. You can buy French Fries, Nachos or Chocolate from the bar here as well as three unique drinks; an Apple Jitterbug, Raspberry Blues and a Watermelon Wiggle. The door to the Sax Lounge is the first on the left as you enter the Atrium from the Main Lobby, and is coloured dark brown with small windows, and has a hanging sign with a saxaphone on it above.

It is possible, going by the opening description, that the Sax Lounge was formerly the Zydeco Club. The Zydeco Club could however, have just been another club that closed down in Strangetown. The Sax Lounge is also the place where License Plates apppear between 8pm and 9pm everyday. It is the second largest entertainment room in the hotel after the Spa & Gym, and larger than the Lion Lounge even though it has toilets whereas the Sax Lounge doesn't, however the main area is spread out and the overall area is larger.


Sax Lounge Stage

A view of the Sax Lounge from the stage.

The following are the features of the Sax Lounge. Note that it has the same as the Lion Lounge except the Lion Lounge has toilets whereas the Sax Lounge doesn't. This is also a likely explanation to the fact that the Lion Lounge costs 500 more simoleons to build.


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