secret is a piece of information a sim will only reveal to you upon becoming their best friend in The Sims 2. Every main character apart from Emperor Xizzle has a secret, each revealing something different about themselves. Although secrets serve no real purpose to the gameplay, they provide some extra information on the characters therefore expanding the game. Of all the characters, Honest Jackson's secret is often thought to be the hardest to obtain in-game, as he is only present for the start of the story. As players often choose to find out the secrets upon completing the game, his can't be found out then.

In addition to secrets revealing more about characters, finding out certain characters' secrets will unlock Concept Art on the main menu. Although it serves no purpose, it contains unique images of some characters.

List of secretsEdit

Image Character Secret Concept Art unlocked
Ara Ara Fusilli Always knows which way is north. Crime Spree Bob
Auda Auda Sherif Has degrees in astrophysics and gravimetrics; doesn't remember a thing.

Horus Menhoset IX

Ava Ava Cadavra Used to be a ballerina. None
Bigfoot Bigfoot Would prefer to go by the name Stu, but no one seems to care. None
Frankie Frankie Fusilli Prefers Thai food to Italian. None
Dusty Dusty Hogg Believes the fewer wheels on the vehicle, the bigger the man; wants a unicycle. Mamma Hogg
Giuseppi Giuseppi Mezzoalto Was replaced by a robot in the last game. Grim Cowboy
Kayleigh Kayleigh Wintercrest Only has four toes on her right foot as a result of a karate accident. Kayleigh Wintercrest
Luthor Luthor L. Bigbucks Was actually kicked out of his father's house for being frugal with his money. Rat Suit
Misty Misty Waters Has an evil - or let's say devious - twin named Murky. Jebediah S. Jerky
Lordmole Lord Mole Is afraid of the dark. None
Horus Horus Menhoset IX Has established a profitable online gift-wrapping service. None
Optimum Optimum Alfred Actually loathes other machines. He wants to be a biologist. None
Penelope Penelope Redd Her boss at the FBI hasn't actually told her why she is in Strangetown. Emperor Xizzle
Pepper Pepper Pete Hates the taste of pepper; prefers garlic. Ghost
Kent Kent Hackett Has regularly watched re-runs of "Chaz Dastard's Intergalactic Star Safari" for 12 years. Saloon Chick
Sancho Sancho Paco Panza Is dangerously allergic to horses. Lord Mole
Tank Tank Grunt Camouflage pattern is actually tattooed on his face. Bigfoot
Mamma Mamma Hogg Has her hot-curlers plugged into a mini-fusion reactor at home. None
Honest Honest Jackson Has an idea for a romance novel set in ancient Egypt (and has written 7 pages). None
Jebediah Jebediah S. Jerky Is a real-estate tycoon with several homes in other countries. None
Tristan Tristan Legend Composed a symphony in his head at age 6 while climbing Mount Everest. None

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