A shower is an object in The Sims 2. They are used by sims when their hygiene levels fall. Showers are available to purchase in the Store in two types, regular and deluxe. Outside of guest rooms and the Manager's Suite the only showers in Strangetown are located in the Spa & Gym.


There are many different showers available to purchase in the game and found around town, and they're listed below.

Regular showers - §130Edit

  • White Shower
  • Black Shower
  • Honey Bee Shower
  • Red Shower
  • Seafoam Green Shower
  • Blue Shower

Deluxe showers - §230Edit

  • White Deluxe Shower
  • Green Deluxe Shower
  • Blue Deluxe Shower
  • Deluxe Onyx Shower
  • Red Deluxe Shower
  • Gold Deluxe Shower


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