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Skillpoints (or skill points) are a unique type of collectible in The Sims 2 that contribute towards skills. They can be found at various points in the day around the hotel and Strangetown. There are five types to collect; Mechanical, Business, Charisma, Creativity and Body. As part of the main storyline when Optimum Alfred is in the Penthouse, the player is required to collect 5 mechanical skillpoints. This is widely regarded to be one of the most challenging goals in the game. The Freezer, Spa & Gym and Town Square each contain 3 skillpoints total in one week, the most of all the locations.

Although skillpoints do not form the main aim of the game, they do help you to do well. For example, improving your business skill will mean you earn more money from hotel guests resulting in more chances to improve the hotel. Often players of the game are put off collecting skillpoints as when they reach the Mechanical 5 goal, it becomes more of a chore, especially for those who don't know the locations of them. They act in a similar way to License Plates in that they appear at different times in the day, except skillpoints appear for longer periods on a bigger scale.


Below is some information on each of the skills. Each skillpoint is in the stated location for eight hours, starting from the time listed.


Creativity is one of the five skills. Improving your creativity skill will help you to sell your paintings for more in the Art Gallery and gain more tips from creating music on the keyboard. Below is a list of where to find them.


The Buiness skill can be useful as having a high level in this can bring in extra income from hotel guests. Below is a list of where to find them.


Improving your body skill makes you stronger, therefore improving the stability of your sanity level. Below is a list of where to find them.
  • Sunday, 8am - Secret Warehouse
  • Sunday, 4pm - Freezer
  • Tuesday, 12am - Basement (next to the main stairs)
  • Tuesday, 4pm - Spa & Gym
  • Friday, 4pm - Saloon
  • Saturday, 12am - Town Square (next to the Store)
  • Saturday, 8am - Strangetown Jail, Sun Deck & Desert (near the oasis)
  • Saturday, 4pm - Bovine Shrine


Improving your Charisma skill will help you to improve relationships with other sims faster. It also reduces the amount of actions required to calm down, restrain, romance, cheer up and impress other sims. Below is a list of where to find them.
  • Sunday, 8am - Asian Emporium
  • Sunday, 4pm - Main Lobby
  • Wednesdy, 8am - Lion Lounge, Snake-Eyes Casino & City Hall
  • Thursday, 12am - Spa & Gym
  • Friday, 12am - Sax Lounge
  • Friday, 8am - Manager's Suite
  • Saturday, 4pm - Art Gallery & Spa & Gym


The Mechanical skill is regarded as the most important skill of the five, as it is required to complete the main storyline. However, apart from this it has no other added benefit like the other skills and is therefore only useful when completing the goal in which it is required. A minimum of 5 must be collected by the end of the game. Below is a list of where to find them.
  • Monday, 8am - Government Lab
  • Monday, 4pm - Saloon Rooms (in Mamma Hogg's bedroom)
  • Tuesday, 12am - Secret Warehouse
  • Tuesday, 4pm - Reactor Room
  • Wednesday, 4pm - Vault
  • Thursday, 8am - Reactor Room
  • Thursday, 4pm - Basement (next to the main stairs)
  • Friday, 12am - Freezer
  • Saturday, 12am - Atrium
  • Saturday, 4pm - Government Lab


Below is a sortable table to show where all the skillpoints are and at what time. Click the column header to organise by that factor. Note that days will be sorted alphabetically, not in order of day of the week.

Skillpoint Location Day Time
Creativity Sun Deck Sunday 00:00
Creativity Sax Lounge Sunday 08:00
Creativity Snake-Eyes Casino Monday 00:00
Creativity Art Gallery Monday 00:00
Creativity Town Square Wednesday 00:00
Creativity Bovine Shrine Wednesday 08:00
Creativity Atrium Thursday 08:00
Creativity Rat Cave Friday 00:00
Creativity Lion Lounge Friday 16:00
Creativity Strangetown Jail Friday 16:00
Business Saloon Sunday 00:00
Business Main Lobby Monday 00:00
Business Vault Monday 00:00
Business Town Square Monday 08:00
Business 2nd Floor Lobby Tuesday 08:00
Business Asian Emporium Tuesday 16:00
Business Manager's Suite Thursday 00:00
Business Desert Thursday 00:00
Business Store Thursday 00:00
Business Freezer Saturday 08:00
Body Secret Warehouse Sunday 08:00
Body Freezer Sunday 16:00
Body Basement Tuesday 00:00
Body Spa & Gym Tuesday 16:00
Body Saloon Friday 16:00
Body Town Square Saturday 00:00
Body Strangetown Jail Saturday 08:00
Body Sun Deck Saturday 08:00
Body Desert Saturday 08:00
Body Bovine Shrine Saturday 16:00
Charisma Asian Emporium Sunday 08:00
Charisma Main Lobby Sunday 16:00
Charisma Lion Lounge Wednesday 08:00
Charisma Snake-Eyes Casino Wednesday 08:00
Charisma City Hall Wednesday 08:00
Charisma Spa & Gym Thursday 00:00
Charisma Sax Lounge Friday 00:00
Charisma Manager's Suite Friday 08:00
Charisma Art Gallery Saturday 16:00
Charisma Spa & Gym Saturday 16:00
Mechanical Government Lab Monday 08:00
Mechanical Saloon Rooms Monday 16:00
Mechanical Secret Warehouse Tuesday 00:00
Mechanical Reactor Room Tuesday 16:00
Mechanical Vault Wednesday 16:00
Mechanical Reactor Room Thursday 08:00
Mechanical Basement Thursday 16:00
Mechanical Freezer Friday 00:00
Mechanical Atrium Saturday 00:00
Mechanical Government Lab Saturday 16:00