The Spa & Gym is a room which can be built by the player in the Atrium of Strangetown Hotel in The Sims 2. It's the largest of the recreational rooms leading off of the Atrium, due to the design and space needed for the items inside.

It costs 2500 simoleons to build, making it the joint most expensive room in the Atrium along with the Asian Emporium. The default music in the Spa & Gym is Move Mode. The Spa & Gym has no purpose in the main storyline, but is one of the more expensive rooms nevertheless. After building it, your hotel score will increase by 10%.

Additional informationEdit

The Spa & Gym is the only recreational room not to involve money, either profit or spending. Due to this, it has been questioned as to whether the high price is worth it. However, it does include two exclusive objects, along with showers and toilets, as well giving a high boost to the hotel's score. Furthermore, it is one of few locations to contain three skillpoints throughout the week at various times, therefore there's a higher chance of finding one in there. It's also a room where a License Plate can be found between midday and 1pm. The door is the second on the right in the Atrium when coming from the Main Lobby, and is grey with a hanging sign above with a dumbell on it.



The entrance to the Spa & Gym.

The Spa & Gym has two unique objects which cannot be found anywhere else in Strangetown. Below is a list of the features inside. The name is commonly thought to suggest there may have been some kind of hot tub or more spa amenities such as a hot tub like the Massage Bubbler which can be purchased in the store.