Strangetown is the town where your player's sim ends up after their car breaks down in The Sims 2. Situated here is the Strangetown Hotel, Mamma's Place Saloon, City Hall and many more buildings. Strangetown is also the name of one of the neighbourhoods in the PC version of The Sims 2, however both towns are designed differently, but they're both located in the desert.

It is located in the middle of a desert and takes up a small amount of space as buildings have been built upwards instead of across. There are 5 functioning buildings in the town and a small abandoned shed in the cow field. Due to it's hot climate and little water, Strangetown is often subject to alien invasions, primarily led by Emperor Xizzle. Strangetown also seems to attract bands of havoc wreaking goons, such as Jimmy the Neck and Crime Spree Bob with their gangs who are often after money or power from the reactor in the hotel.



The skyline of Strangetown.

The Strangetown Hotel is the largest building and the most visited in the town. Although it doesn't appear to be very large from the outside, it is rather big on the inside. Inside there's accomodation, lounges, a restaurant, a casino and many more entertainment facilities. In the game, the hotel is the central place of play, as your sim becomes the manager.

Mamma's Place Saloon is located opposite the hotel and is a popular bar in Strangetown. It is also home to Mamma Hogg and Jebediah S. Jerky, two residents of the town. It has tables, a bar, a dance floor and an Arcade Machine.

City Hall is the third-largest building in Strangetown and home to Mayor Honest Jackson at the start of the game. It has a bathroom and a desk where fuel rods can be sold to a Clerk and also where building permits can be purchased.

The Store is the only shop in Strangetown. It sells furniture for decoration your hotel and lottery scratch cards but not a lot else. However this could be because you do not need to be shown the other products it has to sell.

The final, and smallest building is Strangetown Jail. Inside, the Sheriff sits behind a desk and License Plates can be sold to him. There is also two jail cells inside which is where goons, robots and aliens will go when you catch them as the Ratticator.