For the type of characters, see Goon.
The Sims 2 soundtrack
Track listing
1. Strangetown Theme
2. Create-A-Sim
3. Strange Day
4. Strange Night
5. Dusty Hogg Blues
6. Edge of Town
7. Aliens
8. The Goons
9. Techno
10. Move Mode
11. Dance Light
12. Heavy Metal
13. Speed Metal
14. Walk the Plank
15. Disco Blitzkrieg
16. Chill Factory
17. Electro Pop
18. Phoenix Star
19. Smoothed Out
20. Robot Soul
21. Combat Mode
22. Razor Burn
23. Credits Theme
Unlisted songs
24. Moogoo Monkey song
25. Impress song
26. Cheer Up song
27. Calm Down song
28. Restrain song
29. Romance song
30. Mamma Hogg's theme

The Goons is a song in the soundtrack from The Sims 2. It can be heard while Jimmy the Neck or Crime Spree Bob and his crew are attacking Strangetown or the hotel. The music is also the default music in The Vault, and Frankie Fusilli's music choice.


The Sims 2 (NDS GBA) Music - Goons

The Sims 2 (NDS GBA) Music - Goons

The GBA and DS versions are the same.