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The Sims 2 is a game for Nintendo DS. It is based off the PC version of The Sims 2. It is one of two main versions of The Sims 2 for DS, the other being The Sims 2: Castaway which was also released for Wii, PS3 and PSP.

The game begins with your sim becoming stranded in Strangetown after their car breaks down. From there, they go on to be the manager of the Strangetown Hotel and bring the town back to life. Along the way, they meet many people including more residents and guests with secrets and antagonists with mysteries.


See also: Goals.

Through the game, the Penthouse is occupied by three different guests, all of whom have a specific set of goals which lead towards the end of the game. Throughout the game, your sim will be able to improve relationships with other sims, build more rooms in the hotel and in turn, increase the hotel score.


The game runs by real time, so therefore when a room takes 8 hours to build, that is both in-game and in real life. However, several loopholes are associated with this, as one can simply change the time on the Nintendo DS into the future and have rooms completed and guests checking out instantly. Frequently deemed as time-travelling, when travelling to the future, no in-game effect is encountered, but travelling back in time causes aliens to invade, and your sim to have a slow walk speed, however this can be solved by making them go to the Desert, letting their sanity run out, and waiting for them to recover, which takes around a minute.

Earning simoleonsEdit

Main article: Simoleons.

The game's currency, simoleons, can be earned in a variety of ways. These include having guests stay in the hotel, winning on Keelhaulin', the Slot Machine or Lottery Machine, selling collectibles, selling art, playing music on a Music Mixer, selling items found whilst vacuuming, selling items found with the Metal Detector, selling unwanted furniture, performing social interactions and using the Money Making Machine.


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Below is a brief list of sims in the game.

Sims from previous gamesEdit

New SimsEdit

Cheats and unlockablesEdit

See also: Action Replay codes

Parental guideEdit

The game is rated a 7+ by PEGI, and should therefore be suitable for anyone over that age. This wiki is also suited to be read by anyone, and should provide an easy fact database for the game. Some aspects of the game require WiFi, however this is an optional feature.

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