toilet is an object in The Sims 2. They're used by sims when they need the toilet and when used their sanity will increase. Toilets are, by default, located in every guest room and are an essential item. Toilets are also located in various other locations as follows; the City Hall, Saloon Rooms, Manager's Suite, Lion Lounge, Spa & Gym and Asian Emporium. Of these, only the Manager's Suite can be redecorated.


There are many different toilets available to purchase in the game and found around town, and they're listed below.

Regular toilets - §24/224Edit

  • Off-White Toilet (224 simoleons)
  • Crimson Toilet
  • Yellow Toilet
  • Powder Blue Toilet (24 simoleons)
  • Black Toilet (24 simoleons)

Deluxe toilets - §250Edit

  • Deluxe Cream Toilet
  • Deluxe Red Toilet
  • Deluxe Ebony Toilet

Unique toiletsEdit