Trsitan Legend is a local resident of Strangetown in The Sims 2.

Your sim first meets Tristan when Mamma Hogg suggests that you build a casino and tells you to find Tristan in the Desert. When you get there he is sad and needs cheering up since the woman he loves was carried off by huge scorpians. Once he's been cheered up, he says that you should go to City Hall to buy a permit for the casino. After purchasing it, he shows you the completed casino when you return to the hotel. Shortly after seeing it, The ground begins to shake and you and Tristan go to the lobby to find Emperor Xizzle . Tristan tells you to ask Giuseppi Mezzoalto about purchasing a Super Drencher to get rid of Xizzle. Once purchased from Giuseppi Mezzoalto for 250 simeoloens, you have to drench Xizzle. Once he's gone, Tristan congratulates your sim. 

After the introduction, Tristan is seen around town and has no real interaction with the main storyline. He will appear to be in rooms that are being built. But during the hardest goal of getting five mechanical skill points, he gives the user advice about it and lets him/her know how many they need to get, regardless he says it through conversation or not.

His secret is that he composed a symphony in his head at the age of 6 while climbing Mount Everest.

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